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Jun 04 2012

Welcome to the community topic section where you get all the hottest community, sports,music, and every day topics & story's going on around the nation. coming from yours truly. Feel free to comment or post your thoughts on issues that effect each of us everyday of our life. lets be informative with each other in our own words it helps. thanks and lets network at all times. its what we have with each other and share in a common way to where we all are aware of the needs of each other weather its community or personal.I am here to keep the grass green in our garden we call community. Have a story let me know, the things going on in the community our whatever the matter or situation long as its worthy.

January 2013 is the beginning of the new year. where we celebrate the coming of time but for some apparent reason we see a lot of violence that's taking place in our community's for no real reason. over the new years eve there where a bold shooting in Sacramento that left 2 dead and 5 injured what do it take when you got law enforcement in full force,community people out to celebrate we have to start with the real solutions and make the change in the way we broadcast to each other about how we lived the life these rappers who out here getting all the benefits should be accountable for what they preach like giving back to the community in a real transparent way.

we really have to look at the status of the violence and then solve that situation. before it gets out of hands the city of Oakland the law put there program in affect today call" shoot stopper" that's a tool that alerts law enforcement the actual area where the gun is being fired.

so if you plan on firing a gun beware that they can and will pin point one's activity under new law.