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Jan 10 2013
Welcome to my urban food cooking page where we share network through food for thought & belly you know the ole saying aint nothing like sharing ideas and conversation over good taste in food on the table .lets start by sharing the food eaties in the urban cooking through out the community now .who's the chef's behind these food eaties you feast at ?and whats there favorite dish let the chat room urban cooking network be open for conversation.
Dec 07 2012

Welcome to the Artist & Music Entertainment one stop development and marketing group:

Well my connection to the music industry started out as a fan of good music. listening to oldies on my grandma's component set and 8 track player I would take it all in Isley Bros,O Jays,The escorts.Those was the ballads back then the harmony was from the gut.then my generation came with the zapp, sugarhill, curtis blow,Ice tee,mix master spade, tody tee,world class wrecking crew, from that point on it became apparent to me that i have a calling but it was not as a singer or musician i just could not figure it out so i just gave up an accepted being a fan to music.

It was then that evening February 1990 that i found my niche I was with my good friend kyle"Big Cal" he was working with legendary rapper Ice Cube and i would hang with him and he introduce me to WC,CJ Mac,Coolio, IceCube,DJ Pooh, and I would then go on to become my own occupation I started out with my Brother Errolland Big Cal giving me the opportunity to explore my options I became a Road Manager for my brothers label West town records my first group was "socenla" which means south central la.

My big break came on the heels of being in New Orleans with my good friend and homie Brian "B" Miller who gave me the opportunity to work with down south artist under N-II-Deep records artist's Shonie, Lil One, Lokey, Wicked, C-Los, from there i met Mystical who was sign to No-limit at the time we became friends through a friend & artist shonie in New Orleans.

from that moment right there i became a good friend of mystical we connected and when he stared on his independent journey i was with it so i learned the duty of road manager & hype man it was a job and task i went on the road and learned how to build a artist to there full potential just by working with a successful artist. now that i have learned a skill in the music industry i am utilizing it to help others build to a brand.

artist I have work with in the past and present


Petey Pablo



Dina rae



Too Short

Snoop Dogg

Fly wayz

Kush money

young da

Warren G

DJ Pooh

the list goes on and on I actually want to be able to build more new acts and groups all the time so if you need and support or outlet feel free to leave me comment and i will respond like snoop say we got too do it !!

Nov 21 2012

Increase the Peace: I will save the lives of our Community through a combination of positive and structured academic, behavioral, creative, educational developmental resources.


To accomplish successful programs in community schools and churches throughout the nation.

To better society by saving the lives of youth, homeless, and under privileged.

To assure that each youngster receives the inspiration needed to motivate ambition.

To provide guidance and leadership to assist our Community.

To build self-esteem and return confidence to both individuals and the Community.

To provide guidance and leadership to assist our Community.

To form a link through Community support.

To establish Community Organizations that are Accountable.

To work with our Elected Officials.

To increase the level of community participation in actives that's making a change.

To coordinate, develop, identify, and improve utilization of community resources.

To develop a working relationship between community base organizations, residents, and public agencies.

To provide family development through counseling, parent/child group sessions, and tutorial programs where by intervention & prevention mentors will work with parents who have at risk children, difficult relationships with there children in gangs, on drugs, and/or homeless runaways.

To provide gang awareness where by intervention specialist will go into the schools, churches, and the community to work with youth at risk and help those feeling pressured into negative activities.

To guide youth-at-risk through real group sessions, workshops, and other alternatives to a productive way of life by introducing them to the positive things life has to offer.

To provide an opportunity for our youth-at-risk, gang members and homeless to prosper from chosen careers through pre- employment training to include preparation for interviews, job search, referrals, and job placement.

To provide physical education activities at local parks in inner city's geared at changing ones perspective.

To provide recreational activities such as camping retreats, tours, field trips to historical sites.

To improve the overall appearance of our community whereby Intervention Specialist and other volunteer/ paid personal will work to bring all the above where it is needed.

We have and will continue to receive positive recognition as Community Advocates & Intervention Specialist. With the help of our community; We intend to change not only the way we view ourselves but also the way we are looked upon by our parents, our families, our teachers, our ministers, our neighbors, our states, and our nation.

We strive to better the lives of ALL who live in inner city's all over the globe. It is the all-compassing approach that will allow us to accomplish our primary goal, re-direction of ourselves and our children. Please INCREASE THE PEACE !!

Nov 05 2012

Due to the tension and violent situations that remain to this day in our communities. It has been revealed to us the urgency and importance of the gang intervention specialist's to reach out , uplift , support , and empower our community by assisting , training , and encouraging youth & young adults to be productive. An that there is a purpose for each of their lives; to strive to be different. This is the reason (Gang Intervention specialist) was birthed to be the channel through where youth-at-risk & former gang members as well can have a outlet to pursue social change & community empowerment.

The challenge and Goals

To rebuild and restore the demolished walls of the urban youth culture and community in all aspects Media , Economics , Social , Political , Educational, Family , Law and Justice , Healthcare , Sports and Entertainment , Community Affairs , Science & Technology, National and International concerns . Gang banging have taken its toll all over the world. We can bridge our Youth & Community relationships in these areas making it competitive in all arenas of life, that's the challenge one must take to achieve their goals.

Working with numerous Organizations, Families , Government, Corporate America, Entrepreneurs , Youth , and those lost in the shuffle. We being ( Gang Intervention Specialist )have to step up to the plate . The target being the whole community with emphasis on youth at risk and gangs not just a specific group , I will break the Mental, Educational ,Social , and Economic constraints that has kept us out of our own decision making process and mainstream participation . We stand for Ourselves , Our Families , Our Concerns , Our Dreams , and Our Vision of the future. We realize if it was not for past Leaders , people , patience , persistence , and perseverance during the struggle. We would not be able to afford the opportunities we have now. Being a Public Speaker / Gang Intervention specialist / Community Advocate, I wont settle for nothing less then whats needed to make a difference in lives of the youth & adults who are going through the same obstacles I was faced with that's the duty of GANG Intervention

Me myself being one of the first gang intervention specialist/expert to raise out of the peace treaty in Los Angeles in 1992. I already know the grass in green in the yard the we have maintain for 20 years peace is one thing keeping the peace is another.Now is the new day and time and as professionals.

Now that the gates of opportunity have come to pass where I can once again come out into the world and share the Blessings of the lord.share my wisdom and give hope to some high risk adult & youth who are face with the challenge of succeeding in life "I DID" so can the words from that very day in 1992 WE must accomplish what we set out to achieve.I am determine to continue my Calling to be the solution to the problem. what is is the problem ??

Oct 16 2012

As a believer in God it is very important to show gratitude. For in most things in our past we were grateful, like grandma's up bringing, mama & daddy for bringing you into the world, Sunday school etc. I begin this speech, letter but most of all love that any good that came out this is God. Anything less then that we take credit for being the (peace in the streets) we are the pillars of our community we made it possible to be civil after the unrest, peace was placed in our hearts.

Realizing that the best help comes from God, we would like to extend our open concern for the togetherness and bitterness of our community's families & countries across the globe no matter the race or color. We attempt to share with all the understanding of our togetherness and responsibility that is upon the crips & bloods that are at peace, we are calling to the uttermost soul of our being.

Never envy the wicked. Soon the wickedness fades away like grass and disappears. Trust in the lord instead. Be kind and good to others then you to will live safely here on earth as it is in heaven. Be delighted with the lord; then he will give you all your heart's desire. Commit your talent to keeping the peace, trust in Him to help you do His will, he is at PEACE.

OUR peace is clear to everyone we have cleaned our communities of the graffiti, help rehab elderly homes, got the youth to stay in a teens place like learning to respect there elders & communities, created recreational programs camping, mentoring summer jobs etc. Brought clergy, politicians, sports, hip hop music, etc to support our efforts , we learned patience is a virtue. Don't be envious of evil things that prosper, stop our anger, turn off your punishment. Don’t fret or worry, it only heads to harm! You learn your lesson you get your blessings.

Brothers & sisters mothers & fathers, community, the only way to express the peace that came about with the bloods & crips in 1992, is the how The Lord placed peace in our hearts, at the very moment we were being accuse of starting what some call riots in Los Angeles, in all actuality it was an unrest! Our actions were all the Lords work and was the desire that no one can question!!

In the past, the words that were always being expressed were "Stop the killing". We are asking that our fellow crips & bloods as well as all other gang members see the light of a brighter day, like we did in 1992 where thousands of us made peace, it’s not going to be easy we know that, but we can get it done. We all are suffering the same way, losing loved ones for nothing worth dying for. Let’s be real with ourselves, jail, death, or success I think we should go the successful route.

Let's change! We are tired of the lack of progress and we need to move on in our movement for peace & prosperity, the LORD has touched our hearts by the thousands, I know we can do it by the millions, Peace be with you all!!




Jun 04 2012

Have you ever had a kid in a gang that has changed his or her life around???
Or Maybe that kid was you.
I want to know your Thoughts and Experiences.
Let us know how you feel.

To enter this contest answer one or more of the following questions by posting a comment.
One Entry/Comment Per Person Please.
To win this contest have your friends and family vote for your comment. One Vote Per Person Per Day.
The most votes wins $50.
This Contest Ends November 14th 2012.

Jun 04 2012

Welcome to the community topic section where you get all the hottest community, sports,music, and every day topics & story's going on around the nation. coming from yours truly. Feel free to comment or post your thoughts on issues that effect each of us everyday of our life. lets be informative with each other in our own words it helps. thanks and lets network at all times. its what we have with each other and share in a common way to where we all are aware of the needs of each other weather its community or personal.I am here to keep the grass green in our garden we call community. Have a story let me know, the things going on in the community our whatever the matter or situation long as its worthy.

January 2013 is the beginning of the new year. where we celebrate the coming of time but for some apparent reason we see a lot of violence that's taking place in our community's for no real reason. over the new years eve there where a bold shooting in Sacramento that left 2 dead and 5 injured what do it take when you got law enforcement in full force,community people out to celebrate we have to start with the real solutions and make the change in the way we broadcast to each other about how we lived the life these rappers who out here getting all the benefits should be accountable for what they preach like giving back to the community in a real transparent way.

we really have to look at the status of the violence and then solve that situation. before it gets out of hands the city of Oakland the law put there program in affect today call" shoot stopper" that's a tool that alerts law enforcement the actual area where the gun is being fired.

so if you plan on firing a gun beware that they can and will pin point one's activity under new law.