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Dec 07 2012

Artist / Entertainment development & marketing

Welcome to the Artist & Music Entertainment one stop development and marketing group:

Well my connection to the music industry started out as a fan of good music. listening to oldies on my grandma's component set and 8 track player I would take it all in Isley Bros,O Jays,The escorts.Those was the ballads back then the harmony was from the gut.then my generation came with the zapp, sugarhill, curtis blow,Ice tee,mix master spade, tody tee,world class wrecking crew, from that point on it became apparent to me that i have a calling but it was not as a singer or musician i just could not figure it out so i just gave up an accepted being a fan to music.

It was then that evening February 1990 that i found my niche I was with my good friend kyle"Big Cal" he was working with legendary rapper Ice Cube and i would hang with him and he introduce me to WC,CJ Mac,Coolio, IceCube,DJ Pooh, and I would then go on to become my own occupation I started out with my Brother Errolland Big Cal giving me the opportunity to explore my options I became a Road Manager for my brothers label West town records my first group was "socenla" which means south central la.

My big break came on the heels of being in New Orleans with my good friend and homie Brian "B" Miller who gave me the opportunity to work with down south artist under N-II-Deep records artist's Shonie, Lil One, Lokey, Wicked, C-Los, from there i met Mystical who was sign to No-limit at the time we became friends through a friend & artist shonie in New Orleans.

from that moment right there i became a good friend of mystical we connected and when he stared on his independent journey i was with it so i learned the duty of road manager & hype man it was a job and task i went on the road and learned how to build a artist to there full potential just by working with a successful artist. now that i have learned a skill in the music industry i am utilizing it to help others build to a brand.

artist I have work with in the past and present


Petey Pablo



Dina rae



Too Short

Snoop Dogg

Fly wayz

Kush money

young da

Warren G

DJ Pooh

the list goes on and on I actually want to be able to build more new acts and groups all the time so if you need and support or outlet feel free to leave me comment and i will respond like snoop say we got too do it !!

Mar 24, 2020 07:03:13 PM
1: ( Claude )
Still checking and see you have a nice resume. I am originally from Pomona by way of LA and I now reside in South Central PA and Started a Organization called Strong Arm Family in Chambersburg in 1999 and have have still be trying. Life happened and the Arm didn’t but it’s still here with the artist BoldBeats you can check him out here
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