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Nov 21 2012

How to Increase The Peace

Increase the Peace: I will save the lives of our Community through a combination of positive and structured academic, behavioral, creative, educational developmental resources.


To accomplish successful programs in community schools and churches throughout the nation.

To better society by saving the lives of youth, homeless, and under privileged.

To assure that each youngster receives the inspiration needed to motivate ambition.

To provide guidance and leadership to assist our Community.

To build self-esteem and return confidence to both individuals and the Community.

To provide guidance and leadership to assist our Community.

To form a link through Community support.

To establish Community Organizations that are Accountable.

To work with our Elected Officials.

To increase the level of community participation in actives that's making a change.

To coordinate, develop, identify, and improve utilization of community resources.

To develop a working relationship between community base organizations, residents, and public agencies.

To provide family development through counseling, parent/child group sessions, and tutorial programs where by intervention & prevention mentors will work with parents who have at risk children, difficult relationships with there children in gangs, on drugs, and/or homeless runaways.

To provide gang awareness where by intervention specialist will go into the schools, churches, and the community to work with youth at risk and help those feeling pressured into negative activities.

To guide youth-at-risk through real group sessions, workshops, and other alternatives to a productive way of life by introducing them to the positive things life has to offer.

To provide an opportunity for our youth-at-risk, gang members and homeless to prosper from chosen careers through pre- employment training to include preparation for interviews, job search, referrals, and job placement.

To provide physical education activities at local parks in inner city's geared at changing ones perspective.

To provide recreational activities such as camping retreats, tours, field trips to historical sites.

To improve the overall appearance of our community whereby Intervention Specialist and other volunteer/ paid personal will work to bring all the above where it is needed.

We have and will continue to receive positive recognition as Community Advocates & Intervention Specialist. With the help of our community; We intend to change not only the way we view ourselves but also the way we are looked upon by our parents, our families, our teachers, our ministers, our neighbors, our states, and our nation.

We strive to better the lives of ALL who live in inner city's all over the globe. It is the all-compassing approach that will allow us to accomplish our primary goal, re-direction of ourselves and our children. Please INCREASE THE PEACE !!

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