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Nov 05 2012

Gang Intervention specialist

Due to the tension and violent situations that remain to this day in our communities. It has been revealed to us the urgency and importance of the gang intervention specialist's to reach out , uplift , support , and empower our community by assisting , training , and encouraging youth & young adults to be productive. An that there is a purpose for each of their lives; to strive to be different. This is the reason (Gang Intervention specialist) was birthed to be the channel through where youth-at-risk & former gang members as well can have a outlet to pursue social change & community empowerment.

The challenge and Goals

To rebuild and restore the demolished walls of the urban youth culture and community in all aspects Media , Economics , Social , Political , Educational, Family , Law and Justice , Healthcare , Sports and Entertainment , Community Affairs , Science & Technology, National and International concerns . Gang banging have taken its toll all over the world. We can bridge our Youth & Community relationships in these areas making it competitive in all arenas of life, that's the challenge one must take to achieve their goals.

Working with numerous Organizations, Families , Government, Corporate America, Entrepreneurs , Youth , and those lost in the shuffle. We being ( Gang Intervention Specialist )have to step up to the plate . The target being the whole community with emphasis on youth at risk and gangs not just a specific group , I will break the Mental, Educational ,Social , and Economic constraints that has kept us out of our own decision making process and mainstream participation . We stand for Ourselves , Our Families , Our Concerns , Our Dreams , and Our Vision of the future. We realize if it was not for past Leaders , people , patience , persistence , and perseverance during the struggle. We would not be able to afford the opportunities we have now. Being a Public Speaker / Gang Intervention specialist / Community Advocate, I wont settle for nothing less then whats needed to make a difference in lives of the youth & adults who are going through the same obstacles I was faced with that's the duty of GANG Intervention

Me myself being one of the first gang intervention specialist/expert to raise out of the peace treaty in Los Angeles in 1992. I already know the grass in green in the yard the we have maintain for 20 years peace is one thing keeping the peace is another.Now is the new day and time and as professionals.

Now that the gates of opportunity have come to pass where I can once again come out into the world and share the Blessings of the lord.share my wisdom and give hope to some high risk adult & youth who are face with the challenge of succeeding in life "I DID" so can the words from that very day in 1992 WE must accomplish what we set out to achieve.I am determine to continue my Calling to be the solution to the problem. what is is the problem ??

Nov 13, 2012 09:05:58 PM
1: ( charles )
gang intervention is a needed postion that ex gang members can get a job helping those who came through the same streets & want change as well as helping themselves cope with chaning someone life be intervention
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