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Oct 16 2012

An Acknowledgement Of Change

As a believer in God it is very important to show gratitude. For in most things in our past we were grateful, like grandma's up bringing, mama & daddy for bringing you into the world, Sunday school etc. I begin this speech, letter but most of all love that any good that came out this is God. Anything less then that we take credit for being the (peace in the streets) we are the pillars of our community we made it possible to be civil after the unrest, peace was placed in our hearts.

Realizing that the best help comes from God, we would like to extend our open concern for the togetherness and bitterness of our community's families & countries across the globe no matter the race or color. We attempt to share with all the understanding of our togetherness and responsibility that is upon the crips & bloods that are at peace, we are calling to the uttermost soul of our being.

Never envy the wicked. Soon the wickedness fades away like grass and disappears. Trust in the lord instead. Be kind and good to others then you to will live safely here on earth as it is in heaven. Be delighted with the lord; then he will give you all your heart's desire. Commit your talent to keeping the peace, trust in Him to help you do His will, he is at PEACE.

OUR peace is clear to everyone we have cleaned our communities of the graffiti, help rehab elderly homes, got the youth to stay in a teens place like learning to respect there elders & communities, created recreational programs camping, mentoring summer jobs etc. Brought clergy, politicians, sports, hip hop music, etc to support our efforts , we learned patience is a virtue. Don't be envious of evil things that prosper, stop our anger, turn off your punishment. Don’t fret or worry, it only heads to harm! You learn your lesson you get your blessings.

Brothers & sisters mothers & fathers, community, the only way to express the peace that came about with the bloods & crips in 1992, is the how The Lord placed peace in our hearts, at the very moment we were being accuse of starting what some call riots in Los Angeles, in all actuality it was an unrest! Our actions were all the Lords work and was the desire that no one can question!!

In the past, the words that were always being expressed were "Stop the killing". We are asking that our fellow crips & bloods as well as all other gang members see the light of a brighter day, like we did in 1992 where thousands of us made peace, it’s not going to be easy we know that, but we can get it done. We all are suffering the same way, losing loved ones for nothing worth dying for. Let’s be real with ourselves, jail, death, or success I think we should go the successful route.

Let's change! We are tired of the lack of progress and we need to move on in our movement for peace & prosperity, the LORD has touched our hearts by the thousands, I know we can do it by the millions, Peace be with you all!!




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